We, at Al Bayan Cleaning , provide a large variety of top-rated cleaning services to clients throughout UAE. Our skillful and experienced cleaners have helped many people to bring their homes and office spaces back in order, so don't hesitate to call us right now on 06 7462346 for a free quote or directly book a cleaning service by filling our online request-a-service form. The prices we offer are the best on the market
Many of us don't have enough time to finish those jobs ourselves, so we resort to professional cleaning services. There are too many companies to choose from, but few are those, that are trustworthy enough to be recommended. As for us, we always try to achieve perfection in everything we do. Whether it is one-off cleaning, waste clearance or a simple sofa cleaning,

customer satisfaction stands as priority number one. It is you who make us such a successful company, you are the reason we keep improving every day. If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't be where we are now. Let us prove once more, that we are worthy of your time, give us a call!

For you Villa cleaning is probably a broad term, and it is for us too. The experience gained during the years of working with different clients throughout UAE helped us to develop cleaning services that cater to your unique cleaning needs.
Call Back services gives you an opportunity to take advantage of the skills of seasoned cleaning professionals capable to handle even the toughest house cleaning tasks. We use the latest cleaning equipment, and the most environmentally friendly chemicals and methods to perform a variety of fully guaranteed house cleaning services:

Intensive one-off services like end of tenancy cleaning and after-builders cleaning, delivered by a team of professionals according to your personal house cleaning requirements Professional carpet cleaning, curtain cleaning and upholstery cleaning delivered on-site by expert house cleaning specialists Home maintenance and renovation services like professional landscaping, gardening, building, decorating and waste clearance


Building Cleaning Services specifically provides a personal commercial office cleaning service to clients to the highest standards, ensuring customer satisfaction at all times. A member of Al Bayan management team is always available to manage your contract. As contractors, we offer a wide spectrum of commercial cleaning and support services designed to make the running of your building efficient and effortless. Our employees are the most important asset.

Builders Clean
* Expertise in Builders Clean & Sparkle Clean
* Thousands of satisfied customers
* Compliant With Health and Safety Legislation
* Dedicated mobile teams
* Fully equipped teams with latest machinery chemicals and tools
* 24hr guarantee to ensure complete satisfaction

Unexcelled Performance
* Latest cleaning technology
* High standards of integrity, reliability, honesty, dependability and efficiency
* Cleaning technicians are thoroughly screened and professionally trained
* Attention given to the small details
* Environmentally friendly and safe cleaning products

Quality Control Detailed Checklist

* Specially trained team
* Job tracking
* Work order signing off
* Prompt response to special cleaning request or complaints


In a busy life there’s no doubting the benefits of a villa cleaning service – but finding a reliable cleaner is not an easy task. At Al Bayan Cleaning Company we specialise in taking the hassle out of home cleaning, offering you a high quality reliable service that you can trust at a very reasonable price.

Our friendly Domestic Al Bayan team do:

* Windows
* A/c Grills
* Cookers
* Fridges
* the list goes on...

All of our Cleaners are fully trained, insured and are super friendly. We are committed to making our customers happy; give us a call back request to see what we can do for you.


Sofa cleaning from Al Bayan cleaning services is quick and easy way to beautify the interior of your home. By having your sofas and upholstery professionally cleaned you will benefit from the improved air quality and surfaces free from dust and any other unsanitary agents. This is the best way to ensure that you and your family won't be endangered by disease spreading bacteria and any allergens.

You can be absolutely sure that all our cleaning experts are well-trained, have a lot of experience and are insured. We are not just offering you exceptional cleaning services but we are giving you peace of mind as well. We do realise that inviting a stranger into your home is always a violation of your privacy but we counteract this by making sure that our

sofa cleaners work with both courtesy, professionalism. Our expert cleaners are always in a good mood and very friendly and at end of every visit it would be like saying goodbye to an old friend. In addition to the best cleaning methods we use environmentally friendly cleaning products that present no harm to you and the environment what so ever. We are committed to our job, we use the newest cleaning technologies and you can be sure that what you get is nothing but the best!


Carpet cleaning services from AL Bayan Cleaning is a service designed upon years of experience in the area and everything that has been learned throughout the years we serve domestic and commercial customers. Besides established as one of the leading service providers in UAE, we still aim at increasing our reputation through providing the high quality services people demand. The commitment and cooperation between everyone in the company aim at full customer satisfaction.

When it comes to using the latest carpet cleaning techniques we still do not forget that it is important to keep our practices on a high ecologically friendly level. The extensive training of our staff guarantees meeting even the most demanding requirements. In terms of choosing a preferable method, we offer the complete variety of options : steam carpet cleaning, carpet dry cleaning, extraction cleaning and deep carpet cleaning.

In relation to the mentioned services on offer there are other commonly needed ones, such as rug cleaning, furniture cleaning, curtain and drapery cleaning. See our services list on the left and browse the options to find the most suitable offers for your home.


Interlocking bricks often become discoloured due to factors such as weather, traffic, oxidation and spills. Al Bayan Cleaner has the experience and professional resources necessary to thoroughly clean your interlock surface, restoring its natural beauty and leaving it looking brand new.

We offer high pressure washing services for many areas of your home or business including and not limited to:
Driveways - Sidewalks - Walkways - Pool Decks - Patios - Interlock - Concrete - Natural Stone -Exterior Bricks - Siding - Buildings - Sidewalks - Parking lots - Garages.

The staff at Master Sealer will remove any type of unwanted moss or weed growth between your interlock bricks which renders surfaces unsightly. Our selection of eco-friendly cleaning products and commercial machines will assist in removal of all kinds of stains on your pavement surface, including rust, efflorescence and even grease.

Most chewing gum is also easily removed without a trace. This easily makes Master Sealer's services perfect for any surface from residential properties to businesses, restaurants or venues that are highly trafficked making stains and wear even more prevalent.


As a specialist floor cleaning company, our business is the cleaning and restoration of your floor to an exceptional finish. Our staff have many years combined experience in domestic and commercial hard floor cleaning and sealing and know exactly the service level that you expect. Our business practices are carried out to the very highest standard and we promise to provide you with a cost effective cleaning solution regardless of the size of the property.

There are various types of hard floors available today and cleaning slate floors, limestone or natural stone flooring requires a completely different method from hardwood floor cleaning. That’s why it is essential that experience, knowledge and technique are always combined to ensure the best results. We have vast experience in the cleaning of slate, stone, tile, Altro and vinyl flooring types like Amtico and Karndean as well as poured resin and polished concrete.
Tile and grout cleaning and the cleaning of stone or slate floors especially can present many issues. Keeping grout between tiles clean and fresh can often be problematic and very labour intensive. At Clean n Simple we are committed to solving your floor and grout cleaning problems. By ongoing investment in new technologies and regular training on product advances we ensure our teams are always best placed to continue providing the quality of service and peace of mind that our floor cleaning company was built upon.

Flooring manufactures often recommend the application of floor sealer or polish for protection of the floor. Our staff is on hand to advise and recommend a suitable product to enhance and protect your floor surface.


We are a reliable cleaning company, providing a broadly range of flexible deep kitchen cleaning services. Our kitchen services are scheduled to fit around you, and our cleaning staff will bring it up to a standard you will be satisfied of. Our goal is to supply you with a service that holds you and your business, and which gives you the confidence that you have undoubtedly a kitchen in a perfectly cleaned state.

The main kitchen premise is cleaned internally, externally around and behind, as we will move all equipments from its position where its allowed to make sure, that every corner and surface is cleaned.
We are in control of your kitchen deep cleaning schedule, as we check off each task your feeling of accomplishment will be completed.
• Cupboards, drawers (inside/outside)
• All Appliances
• Kitchen Extractor
• Stove Tops
• Oven (grates)
• Refrigerators (defrosted and washed)
• Freezers
• Dishwasher

• Washing Machine
• Kitchen Surfaces
• Floors


We provide a waste chute cleaning service across UAE. The Waste Chute Cleaning system comprises of a high powered, remotely operated jet cleaning system with a specialised rotating washer head. The operative will set up the cleaning system which is then winched to the top floor of the tower block, the rotating washer head is connected to the high-pressure system delivering a constant jet of steam at up to 350 bar pressure.
The rotating washer head is lowered by the skilled operator using a winch down the waste disposal chute, where the rotating washer head delivers high pressure steam cleaning, disinfecting and deodorising the chute as it descends. Any residual waste / water is washed down the chute and collected into the refuse container placed underneath. The waste is then emptied in to our specialist bin cleaning vehicle.

All the water used in the cleaning process is removed from site by the specialist bin cleaning vehicles to prevent any contamination of the surrounding areas. On completion of cleaning,

all tape/cones/signage will be removed from site and hopper hinges/handle greased/lubricated n line with the contract requirements are super friendly. We are committed to making our customers happy; give us a call back request to see what we can do for you.


Al Bayan Cleaning can provide specialist extractor hood and duct cleaning service which operates at high standards.

If regular cleaning of your extraction canopy and ductwork is not undertaken then greasy deposits left in the ducts will attract fibrous build-ups as time progresses, eventually this will carbonise and become baked on, making removal extremely difficult and time consuming. Air flow efficiency can be seriously impaired by deposits, leading to a greater use of energy.
All areas which if not regularly, professionally, cleaned and maintained can quickly become a fire risk. Bacteria developing in grease deposits create a hazard to health.
We can provide a complete internal ventilation clean, including grease filters and extraction fans. Using state of the art de-greasing chemicals we can remove the build up of fat, grease, dirt and soot

deposits which can so easily cause malfunction of the ventilation extraction fan which can so easily lead to a major fire.
All cleaning can take place anytime 24 hours a day 365 days a year, this allows your business to continue trading without any disruption to your usual trading hours.


We are your local smoke and fire damage restoration experts! We work quickly, efficiently and professionally to help ease your mind during this crisis. Let our professional staff help get your life back on track.

We Take Care Of Your Fire Damage
• Emergency Response
• Emergency Cleaning
• Cleaning of Contents and Structure
• Remove Smoke
• Remove Soot
We can take care of every step of the fire and smoke damage restoration process, from packaging and moving your items to our storage facility, to the complete restoration of the building itself. Be sure to call us as soon as possible so we can get to work!

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From our Managers and Supervisors to on-site operatives; our entire staff are focused and totally committed to your job and your peace of mind.
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